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Family Supportive Housing Golf Tournament

Family Supportive Housing provides a full spectrum of services to hundreds of families including interim supportive housing, childcare, life skill classes, transitional housing, and other supportive services for a struggling family.  The program helps families overcome poverty, hunger, and  homelessness. The TPS Family is a sponsor in the 2017 Charity Golf Classic for Family Supportive Housing. We will also be playing in the tournament as we support the families in need.


New Partnership!

TPS now partners with Choaids (Caring for Haitian Orphans with AIDS)!  We also with The Chanje Movement which houses many children off the street of Haiti, however if a child is diagnosed with HIV we are not able to take them in because it can potentially be spread to other children.  This has been hard on many of our trips because a child in crisis will come to us and there is nothing that we can do.

On a recent trip in April, Edison was brought to our Medical Clinic by his 10 year old brother Esky.  He displayed signs of HIV related symptoms, and after we ran additional tests, we confirmed he was HIV positive and had syphilis.  We began critical care measures for him including nutrients and took first steps towards a treatment plan and regular care.  After being more aware of this problem, Brian found an organization named, Choaids, which is a home that takes in HIV positive children.  Edison now lives in their home and is taken care of with proper care. He is still fighting HIV but with proper nutrition and care he looks so much healthier! TPS will be partnering with them to help these kids get their proper nutrition, tuition, and school uniforms.  Over Labor Day weekend we brought backpacks for each child in this home as they started a new year of school!  

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Edison is looking healthy after a month of treatment at Choaids!


The Choaids Shelter receiving their backpacks on the first day of school!

Community Outreach in Dallas

We love to see our different offices getting involved in their local community. Coast Personnel in Dallas partnered with a local event to hand out school supplies and pizzas to children in need.


OC Missions Race

Our Southern California staff will be running for Haiti in the OC Missions Race to raise money with the goal to raise awareness, and make a contribution toward the relief and long term rebuilding efforts in Haiti. To join us sign up at, enter the code TPSRUN for free registration.

How are we working in Haiti?

Our most recent trip to Haiti in April was very successful and encompassed a lot of growth for the community and our new property. The team was made up of a medical team and high school students.  The medical team held a clinic on the land that TPS purchased and saw about 600 patients as well as established relationships with the surrounding neighbors of the new land.  We visited the children that many of our offices sponsor from winning a month of the contest.   We were able to provide hundreds of families with food that will last up to a week and provide them with practical day to day items.  Through our partnership with Clif Bar, we were able to bring hundreds of bars to hand out to children in local villages.  Overall it was a very successful trip and we are very grateful for the hard work of our employees at TPS because we are able to make a huge impact on thousands of individual’s lives and the country as a whole.

We are now in the next phase of our land development.  We are working on efforts to build a clinic, a shelter, a school, a tradeschool, two water wells, a church, and a community center.  To be apart of this development you can check out www…… for more information.


TPS Family of Companies Partnership with the Chanje Movement

In January 2010, a devastating earthquake rocked Port au Prince, Haiti. This earthquake caused the deaths of more than 250,000, the permanent displacement of more than one million, and total social, economic and political disruption. Moved by compassion, hundreds of charitable organizations, churches and ministries redoubled their efforts and began new initiatives to help meet the physical and emotional needs of the people.

The TPS Family has partnered with the Chanje Movement to work along side the people of Haiti and help create sustainability through community development. Our company’s involvement with Haiti has demonstrated how individuals with compassion for others can partner together and make an enormous difference in the world.

We are in the process of purchasing a 2 acre piece of land where people in their communities can live, learn, and work. We plan to help build a shelter, a clinic, sport fields, and water wells. While in the process of purchasing the land, we are starting to visit the land regularly to establish relationships with the community.  Last week, we held our first clinic on the land and served over 200 people with medical supplies and proper healthcare.




Child Sponsorship
Monthly Contest



Each month TPS has a contest between the different offices. The winner of the contest receives a child sponsorship packet that supports a child that has been rescued off the streets of Haiti. The monthly sponsorship ensures that the child has clean water, nutritious meals, healthcare, and an education – and impacts other children in need as well. The TPS Family is working alongside the Chanje Movement as it’s primary corporate donor. The Chanje Movement partners with caregivers, community leaders and local educators to develop sustainable transformation. Through the hard work of our employees, we are able to feed, teach and equip a new generation to bring change to their nation.

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Boys and Girls Club

James A. Lane Boys & Girls Club serves the largest at-risk community in Huntsville. They have approximately 250 students enrolled for after school care, many of which are in need of academic support. From 4-5pm every day they have their ‘power hour’ where the students are in classrooms completing homework and studying. Coast Personnel staff will be volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club as mentors and tutors. The volunteers are paired with a child that they meet with each Wednesday throughout the school year.




Coast Personnel is the main corporate sponsor for the third annual 9/11 Honor Walk.


February 2016 Mexico House Build

TPS is helping to fight poverty in Mexico by providing adequate housing for families while demonstrating hope by volunteering their time and hard work.

This house was built for the Prieto’s who now have a house to raise their family in!



One of the owner’s of TPS with his daughters and the Prieto family!